European rules, according to Riga


At a recent conference in Riga, the European air transport community issued a “Declaration on remotely piloted aircraft (drones)” aimed to clarify what the Rpas and their industry represent today. The participants established some basic principles for drawing new European rules in this field:



1. Drones need to be treated as new types of aircraft with proportionate rules based on the risk of each operation.

2. EU rules for the safe provision of drone services need to be developed now.

3. Technologies and standards need to be developed for the full integration of drones in the European airspace.

4. Public acceptance is key to the growth of drone services.

5. The operator of a drone is responsible for its use.

Here follow some comments about each point:

1. Aircraft are subjected to Easa safety rules no matter their weight. Note that the Annex II of Icao and the EU law of 2008 state that aircraft with maximum takeoff weight inferior to 472.5 kg (570 kg for German gyrocopters), are not subjected to Easa rules but to those issued by the individual countries. This, however, does not seem to apply to drones.

2. Jarus, Faa, Darpa and other bodies have been working on EU rules for some time now.

3. Jarus is the main driver behind this ambitious process which, however, could cause problems to all aircraft that rely on visual flight: gliders, civil aviation, air medical services.

4. A positive aspect for solving definitely the current conflict about privacy rules.

5. Operator is the person who operates the system. In Italian “Operatore” may also be the operator’s employer. In several occasions, Easa and their translations into Italian interpreted by Enac have caused problems to the aviation world: do you remember the case of education credits for VDS pilots? Or the English language examination? And the Rait rules? These are only a couple of examples.

The following links will be useful for all those who were not in Riga
The UVS report:
The official document: Riga Declaration
The video of the press conference:



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