European rules, according to Riga


At a recent conference in Riga, the European air transport community issued a “Declaration on remotely piloted aircraft (drones)” aimed to clarify what the Rpas and their industry represent today. The participants established some basic principles for drawing new European rules in this field:     1. Drones need to be treated as new types […]


eBumper: sense & avoid for BLOS operations


A decisive point for the integration of Rpas systems in the air space is the “sense & avoid” function which will allow a drone to individuate another flying object and modify its course in order to avoid it. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is considering this function in the implementation of the rules concerning flight […]


Piloting, five mistakes to avoid


What are the mistakes most often made by pilots, especially beginners, and those the cause the most accidents? Here, we briefly analyse the most common ones…. Failure to correctly assess the battery charge level. Batteries work according to charge and discharge cycles. When they are not used for a certain period of time, even for […]


FAA Regulations: which sectors will benefit the most

Photo courtesy of Popular Mechanics

The Notice of Rulemaking Proposal submitted by the FAA (2120-AJ60_NPRM_2-15-2015_joint_signature) HAS NOT YET BECOME LAW. In point of fact there will have to be a period of public consultation before it comes into force. Websites and blogs were quick to comment and the immediate reaction was that this would put an end to the dreams […]


Clean Sea, the sentinel for ENI installations


ENI has developed a UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle) system to conduct automatic inspections of oil and gas installations as part of its Clean Sea project. Designed to perform environmental monitoring and offshore installation patrolling missions, the innovative underwater drone has been created and tested in the past year. ENI defines this system as an autonomous […]


Helicampro in South Africa for the efficiency of the electricity grid


An Italian company specialising in civil RPAS, Helicampro, based in Bergamo (, designs and builds rotorcraft with internal combustion engine and rear rotor. We interviewed Stefano Caburosso, CEO of the company. He defines them as “Real helicopters scaled-down”. These abilities took him to South Africa to work on a one-of-a-kind project. Q. Who is your […]


Drones vs helicopters. The impact of territory


The battle between manned and remotely-piloted aircraft systems has begun. In the name of “savings and safety”, orders for helicopters and agricultural airplanes to spread chemicals and conduct surveys are falling sharply, while those placed for drones are rising just as quickly. In countries having massive expanses of land, helicopters might still be the best […]


Hydra, “tailored” bathymetry


Hydra is a multitasking “scalable” watercraft by NemEaSistemi (Sanremo-Italy) designed for mapping sea and lakes beds, or  other natural water basins. Hydra can be used in areas of bathymetric depth between 0.25 and 180 meters, and is equipped with a GNSS system (GPS receiver Glonass/Waas ready), which allows surveys with a precision up to few […]


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